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After a previous Product Focus Monday on all the Dutch produce, we had a client asking us about Drop from Holland.  And once we had that in the store, another client asked us about Schoolkrijt.  The results ... within a week we expanded our Dutch products with three well known sweets from Holland.

Zachte Zoete drop has a taste of pure liquorice extract, "salmiak salt" and anise and Zachte Zoute drop has a full salmiac ammoniac flavour, while Schoolkrijt is a spicy liquorice stick covered in a sweet, crisp, minty shell.

All three products, Zachte Zoete Drop, Zachte Zoute Drop & Schoolkrijt, have the distinct "salty" taste you often find in liquorice from Holland. 

Salty liquorice, salmiak liquorice or salmiac liquorice, is a variety of liquorice flavoured with the ingredient "salmiak salt", and is a common confection found in the Nordic countries, Benelux, and northern Germany.

Founded in 1890 in Amsterdam by Gerrit van Voornveld, and with many things happening inbetween over the years, Venco is today a leading liquorice brand in the Netherlands and abroad.

At the Deli we listen to our clients' requests and, if we can source a product, it fits in to our overall product range and we have space, we will stock it.

Drop in different offerings

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