Olive Marmalades

Olive Marmalades (not Tapenade)

We all know tapenade, although only a handful of people really loves and enjoys it.  One of the main rasons why people don't want to try tapenade is because it contains anchovies & capers, not something everyone enjoys.

Traditionally marmalades are fruit preserves made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits boiled with sugar and water.  Over the years we were introduced to a new generation of marmalades, less traditional in the South African context.  The most popular would be Onion Marmalade (of which we have in the Deli in the form of a preserve).

I came across this Olive marmalade while visiting another Deli on yet another public holiday Monday.  Being a fan of anything olive and anything chilli, I just had to try the Olive & Chilli Marmalade. 

I expected a taste closer to Tapenade, but what I got was something completely different!  It was a winner from the first moment and we decided to stock it in the Deli.

It pairs beautifully with artisan breads and it is the perfect addition to cheese platters and breakfast spreads.  If you love olives, this one is for you

We stock both the plain Olive Marmalade as well as the Olive & Chilli Marmalade.  The one with the Chilli can have a bite in it from time to time.

Our olive marmalades available in plain and with chilli

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