Bearded Brothers Beard Oil (each)

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These base oils are formulated and blended from oils that best matches those found in your skin and hair. Simply put – it absorbs easier and leaves your beard smooth and shiny. Available in Forest Ranger, Lemon Zing, Minty Fresh & Jawbreaker.

Forest Ranger is the essence of manliness. Hints of sandalwood and tea tree will make you feel invincible.

Lemon Zing has a nice citrus blend, which includes lemongrass, tea tree and eucalyptus.

Minty Fresh gives you that extra little oomph after you’ve applied it. Leaves you feeling fresh the whole day.

Try the limited edition Jawbreaker beard oil. Generous amounts of vanilla essential oil, laced with hints of cinnamon and some sandalwood essential oils. The smell evokes tons of nostalgia. Each order also gets a pack of Fireball Jawbreakers.

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