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We are well know by many for our love boxes / gift boxes.  Whether it is to say thank you to a family member or a friend, or for an estate agent to say welcome to a new owner, or a business to say thank you to a client ... our love boxes are welcome gifts in many homes, businesses and even hospitals.  You dream it, we realise it.

Our pre-packed Large Love Box contains the following: Hot Chocolate Sachet, Red Cappuccino Sachet, Instant Spice Chai Latte Sachet, Panforte Nero (115g), Amsterdammer, Bokkenpootjes, Vlinders, 2 Date Balls, Grumpy Snacks Sea Salt Chickpeas (40g), De Ruiter Reuze Speculaas (400g), Speculoos Fijn (400g), Apricot Turkish Choice (250g), Breakfast Booster (250g), Chocolate Coated Shortbread (250g), Speckled Eggs (250g) & Mixed Nuts Exotic Roasted (250g)

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