Almonds Raw (250g/1kg)

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Ingredients: Almonds

Difference between CSSR & NPS:

NPS means: Nonpareil Supreme
CSSR means: California Select Seller Run


  • Mild, natural sweetness
  • Light skin colour
  • Thin, easy to remove shell
  • Top quality, making it the favourite choice
  • Versatile uses
  • Delicious eaten plain


  • Nuttier. Amaretto flavour
  • Dark skin colour
  • Wrinkled nut surface
  • Thicker, difficult to remove shell
  • Contains many hybrids (mixtures of a few kinds of almonds)
  • Used primarily in manufactured products

Majority of almonds sold are CSSR, but the cream of the crop is Nonpareil
CSSR almonds are best roasted to bring out their nutty taste

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